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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the warranty period of oBravo products

We take much pride in our products and offer a warranty period of 3 years on most of our earphones and headphones. Our Classic range of earphones and accessories such as amplifiers currently have a 1 year warranty.

What is the naming schema

We have tried to make our large range of earphones and headphones as simple to understand as possible. All Headphones begin with a H in their model and all earphones being with an e in their model. We then represent what tweeter is included in that model. For Planar tweeters we will add RIB and for our AMT tweeter we assign AMT. So HAMT and eamt would be a headphone and earphone with our AMT tweeter.

We then assign numbers for the models which generally range from 1 through to 5. 1 being the flagship model and 5 offering lower specifications.

Our Signature Series offers the best that we currently product and only contains 1 Headphone and 1 Earphone.

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