oBravo was established in 2006, dedicated to the research and development of audio systems. Professionally focusing on technological advances in audio speakers, computer speakers and Apple™ accessories.

The foundation of what oBravo is built upon is based on the concept “Listening to music is enjoying the journey, the audio system is merely a tool to do it with”. The company is dedicated to its core values of professional excellence, design, innovation, high quality, attitude and change.

Reasonably priced with low power consumption for maximum sound quality, this is achievable because oBravo conducted extensive research development on the application of the mylar ribbon and air motion transformer. Using eco-friendly or hi-tech recyclable materials for a vivid choice of colors to maximize your audio and visual experiences.

My name is David, the founder of oBravo.

For me, music is something alive, a living organism with its own veins and heartbeats: it mobilises various aspects of sound, at times captivating, at times keeping people company when they laugh heartily, when they cry heartbrokenly, or keeping their unspoken secrets.

I especially like to let the melody of a song sink deep into my heart with all its highs and lows, at a silent night when you can actually hear a cat’s footsteps.

But at the same time I was always wondering: why is there such a drastic difference of soundscape when we play the same CD with high-end speakers as opposed to with a pair of earphone? Does it mean that such fine and clearly delineated music can only be achieved with high-end stereos? Are earphones always doomed to be accessory?

And then I thought to myself: “If you cannot accept the situation, then try to change it.”

And it’s as if I’ve suddenly regained the motivation and impetus in my younger years, which prompted me to quit a well-paid and much-envied job, so as to put myself wholeheartedly into the research and development related to earphones.

However, I immediately ran into big trouble at the early stages of this enterprise.

Earphone is one of the mobile accessories indispensable for everyone in the future, and it is also the last mile to transmit music to human ears. But how do I accommodate the enormous driver unit into an earphone: that is the problem I’ve been thinking my head off without much success.

I then sought help from experts on various fields in Taiwan, using every possible way and every viable technology so as to break through the current limitation of earphones on the market.

At one point, in face of such technical difficulties, I was so anxious and distressed that even my family and my closest friends — apart from showing their concern in my time of need — started to persuade me to quit, to give up the challenge and to stop getting myself into trouble.
During this time, I spent almost every penny of my savings, to the point where I even had to start selling one piece after another from my clock collection that had been with me throughout the years. And with each of my much-cherished time-piece gone, finally my positive thinking and faith started to waver.

I asked myself: Is it perhaps the time to wake up from this dream

But at this moment, my wife chose to continue to support me and to encourage me, which made me believe even more firmly that being able to strive for what I love is the happiest thing in life.

A successful entrepreneur once said, “‘Today’ is cruel, ‘tomorrow’ is even crueler, while ‘the day after tomorrow’ is wonderful — but most people die on tomorrow night.”

What if, with all the efforts I’ve put in, I’ve only one step away from success?

If even myself is wavering, how do I affect and share my passion with others?

With this goal in mind, I thus decided to walk on — with my wife’s support and my passion for music — on this long winding road of research and development.

As time went on, and together with the help of other people who shared my ideas and passion, we finally founded team oBravo.

Through tens of thousands of testings, adjustments and failures, we finally developed “Air motion transformer (AMT) + moving coil” and “Planar magnetic driver + moving coil” these two core units unique in the world, so that our earphones can convey a wide chromatic range and a generous soundscape akin to those of high-end loudspeakers.

Apart from the more technical aspects, we also uses materials such as wood from acacia confusa — a native Taiwanese tree also known as Formosa wattle— and advanced ceramics to build and polish our earphones so that, with their refined sound and quality look, our earphones are no longer just accessories for music-listening, but an expression of your taste and disposition.

Now, after spending twelve years of research and development, oBravo has not only been selected in iF Design Award in Germany, but won the award of “Best general earbuds and in-ear headphones of the year” from several influential forums, thus establishing our reputation on the international earphone market.

If I have to use one sentence to describe oBravo, I would probably say this: “It is a Taiwanese high-end earphone brand founded by a middle-aged boy who is brave enough to pursue his dream.”

I want to thank all the friends who have been supporting me along the way, especially my wife and my family.

In the future, we will continue to improve on different aspects of our technology so that oBravo can bring you the true beauty and the soul of music.